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Category: Physical Therapist

Jenny Ly May18th 2020

Jenny Ly

Jenny is licensed massage therapist. She also works as Physical Therapist aide at iMotion Physical Therapy. She enjoys food hence, she like to explore different restaurants.

Ray Chan May18th 2020

Ray Chan

Ray comes with years of experience as a Physical Therapist Assistant. Ray has worked as bodyworker. He integrates Rosenberg’s technique for manual therapy. He loves to treats with clam, completeness and wholeness. He likes sports, explore new restaurants and fix things at home.

Kashmira Badiyani May18th 2020

Kashmira Badiyani

Kashmira Graduate with Masters in Health Science Physical Therapy from Universtiy of Indianapolis and Bachelor in Physical Therapy from Maharashtra University, India. She has practiced Geriatric Physical therapy in Indiana. She has special interest in Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Vestibular rehabilitation and Neurology Physical Therapy. She believes that to treat disability it is necessary to treat

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